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Every 18 hours a New Yorker dies waiting for a lifesaving transplant. A contributing factor to this statistic is the fact that there are not enough New Yorkers registered as organ donors. Only 35% of New Yorkers are registered organ donors.

But there is hope. A recent study showed that 92% of New Yorkers support organ and tissue donation, so the willingness is there. And evidence of this support is becoming more and more apparent. Over the last five years, New York has been in the top ten states with the fastest growing percentage of residents signing up as organ donors.

October 10, 2019 marks the fifth annual Organ Donor Enrollment Day. This turnkey event is focused around one goal: to enroll as many willing New Yorkers as possible as organ donors in a single day. Organ Donor Enrollment Day presents New Yorkers with a convenient opportunity to take a step to make their support known and to sign up on as an organ donor.

  • create a team

    When forming a team, each team captain will be responsible for creating a team. The team name could be your organization’s name, in honor of someone touched by donation or any description that best fits the people on your team.

  • provide materials

    Materials will be provided to participants in advance of the event. Materials can be picked up in person or sent by mail. Participants will be provided with the following: information about the day, t-shirts, enrollment forms and materials, promotional tool kit, prepaid envelope to submit completed forms.

    • Download the Enrollment Day 1 pager
    • Download the Toolkit for Hospital partners
    • Download the Toolkit for Organizations/Business partners
    • Download the Toolkit for Individuals/Volunteer teams
    • View the training webinar
    • Print off a registration form

  • submit information

    All completed enrollment forms should be submitted by October 18. You can submit forms by mail using the prepaid envelopes provided by LiveOnNY. Enrollments must be garnered on Wednesday, October 10th, 2019, and dated as such to count towards Organ Donor Enrollment Day. Any enrollment form with a date other than October 10th will not be counted towards a team’s total submission, but will still be added to the New York State Registry.