Reporting Ethics & Code of Conduct Violations

Ethics and Compliance Helpline

The Ethics and Compliance Helpline is a convenient way for LiveOnNY employees, volunteers, partners, hospitals, vendors and other entities to seek assistance, make suggestions, and report on specific issues that pertain to ethical matters.

LiveOnNY is committed to integrity as the fundamental guiding principle for its officers, directors, staff, contractors, vendors and all others who act on our behalf. As part of our commitment to the highest ethical standards and full compliance with all legal requirements, LiveOnNY documents and evaluates any reports of behavior or actions that are inconsistent with our standards of conduct. Any individual who witnesses such an event must file a report.

The Helpline is hosted by a third party, Syntrio, in order to maintain confidentiality and anonymity when requested, to the greatest extent possible.

This comprehensive third-party tool helps to address potential ethical matters in the conduct of business, while cultivating a positive work environment and a relationship of mutual respect and trust.

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