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We all have a role in ending the wait list. Nearly 9,000 New Yorkers statewide — 131 of whom are children under the age of 18 — are waiting for a lifesaving transplant, according to United Network for Organ Sharing. Nationwide, the number is approximately 100,000 - enough to fill two Yankee stadiums. But the myths of organ donation are starting to fade away and New Yorkers are saving more lives than ever. Last year, more than 1,000 organs were transplanted thanks to the selfless acts of organ donors in the greater New York area — a record — but the urgency remains, and the work is far from done. Together, as a community, New York has the power to end the wait list.

LiveOnNY works with hospital and community partners to provide education about organ, eye and tissue donation. Reach out to learn how you can help share the message about the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation.


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There are over 9,000 New Yorkers waiting for a lifesaving transplant. One organ donor can save up to 8 lives. One tissue donor can help 50-75 lives.


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At LiveOnNY, we deliver the gift of life to New Yorkers on the transplant waiting list. Our organization has the privilege of making miracles happen every day by facilitating organ and tissue donation.


Honoring, Changing and Saving Lives

LiveOnNY is a nonprofit organization committed to helping New York live on through organ and tissue donation and to caring for the families touched by donation. We serve as the federally designated organ procurement organization (OPO) for the greater New York City area. Every day, we work to further our mission by:

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    Facilitating lifesaving organ donations
  • Caring For Donor Families
    Caring for the families of the selfless donors who give the gift of life
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    Educating the community about the power of donation
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    Advocating on behalf of those who are waiting for transplant

Stories of Living On - In the News

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Detective Mora lived a life of service as an NYPD officer. Even in death he continued to serve, saving 5 lives through organ donation.

Meet Detective Mora

Donor Hero

CBS New York shares Detective Mora's story - watch here.

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At age 4, Angelica beat childhood cancer. But chemotherapy damaged her heart and at 18, she was diagnosed with heart failure. Her life is on pause as she waits for a lifesaving transplant.

Meet Angelica

Waiting for a heart

Angelica shares her journey here.

In July 2010, an accident took Michael’s life. But that wasn’t the end of Michael’s story. Michael saved five lives through organ donation and Roxanne received his heart.

Meet Roxanne

Heart Recipient

NewsNation shares Roxanne's story. - watch here.

iHeartMedia and Power 105 DJ Whutever celebrate Donate Life Month

Katrina - iHeartMedia

LiveOnNY, iHeartMedia and Power 105 DJ Whutever celebrate Donate Life Month. Together we are sharing stories about the incredible power of organ donation. Katrina lost her son when he was just 5 weeks old. She shares how he saved two babies and left a lasting legacy that has helped her not only honor her son, but find healing and purpose through his gift of life. Click here to hear why Katrina feels it's an important issue for her community.

Signature Events

LiveOnNY celebrates donation and brings the cause to life through our signature events: