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Your work makes lifesaving donation possible

Make the lifesaving referral call: 1-800-443-8469

Create something positive from loss

As a healthcare professional, you work to save lives every day and impact the communities around you. However, there are times, when despite every effort, a patient's life cannot be saved. When this happens you have the ability to set in motion a process that allows families the opportunity to save and improve lives through organ, tissue, and eye donation.

LiveOnNY is dedicated to supporting families through the process of donation, and our care doesn't end after the family leaves the hospital.

Key to donation success

  • Referral and reporting

    In order to make any organ donation possible a timely referral call is necessary. Federal and local regulations mandate that every hospital death and every imminent death be reported to the local organ procurement organization as required by the Center for Medicaid/Medicare Services.

    These are the clinical triggers to follow when making a referral call for a death or imminent death to our 24 hour call center.

    We are here to help 24-7. If you have an urgent issue that needs to be immediately addressed, please call 1-800-GIFT-4-NY (443-8469) and request to speak with the Administrator on Call.

  • Communicating with a family

    A family is processing a significant amount of information at the time a loved one is declared dead. LiveOnNY staff are trained to have conversations about donation with family members. A family may have questions about end of life decisions.

    Bridging statements are a resource to introduce the conversation surrounding donation to a family until a trained LiveOnNY staff member can engage with the family.

Stories of living on

Shelby was born with a rare heart condition and needed a heart transplant at age 10. Thanks to a selfless gift from an organ donor, she is able to pursue her career in medicine and is thankful for every day.

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Lauren Thumbnail
At age 12, Lauren was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and is currently on the waiting list for a new heart. She dreams of the day she has the energy to run at the park with her young daughter or teach her to throw a softball.

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In July 2010, an accident took Michael’s life. But that wasn’t the end of Michael’s story. Michael saved five lives through organ donation and his legacy lives on through them.

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