Marcy’s Gift Scholarship Application

What Is Marcy's Gift?

Marcy's Gift is a $2,500 scholarship which will be given each academic year to a New York high school senior who produces a compelling video to educate the community about the value and importance of organ donation and transplantation.

In addition to the $2,500 award to the winning student filmmaker, LiveOnNY Foundation, in its sole discretion, may award an additional grant and/or scholarships to the subject of the film and/or to the teacher/advisor who worked closely with the student to make the film. The scholarship is funded by Donate Eight and LiveOnNY Foundation.

Who is Marcy?

Marcy’s Gift is named for Marcy Salmirs, the extraordinary New York woman who with her team of volunteers single-handedly created the most successful philanthropic health care fundraising event in New York City. Part of the team of Donate Eight – the major funder for the LiveOnNY Foundation – Salmirs has spearheaded its annual event at Gotham Hall since 2013. Her extraordinary generosity, talent and heart have helped Donate Eight raise millions of dollars to increase awareness about organ donation and help recipient and donor families during a critical time in their lives. The inaugural Marcy’s Gift awards were presented in June 2019, to Louisa Tantillo of Mammaroneck High School and her classmate, Penny Lee, who received a liver transplant when she was three years old. Click here to see Tantillo’s film.

Download the full application details here:


  • 1 Video: A video, up to 5 minutes in length, that sheds light on anyone affected by organ donation. For example: a recipient, a donor family, someone who is waiting for a life-saving organ, a living donor or someone who is thinking about becoming a living donor (kidney or liver). The video can also focus on raising awareness about the importance of donation and transplantation, or it might aim to inspire a person or the general public to get involved in the issue.
    • Format: MP4 is ideal. The video should be at least 720p to look good on a large screen at a public event.
  • 1 Essay: (up to 500 words) that explains how you became interested in organ donation, what inspired you to make the film, what you learned from making the film, and what you hope others learn from watching the film.
  • 1 Letter: Current transcript or letter from your school documenting your enrollment.
  • 1 Acceptance Letter: If available, please include an acceptance letter from the college, university or trade/technical school you plan to attend.
  • 1 Letter of Reference: Letter of reference from a non-relative; preferably one from your current school counselors, video/film instructor, and/or teacher who is familiar with you or your work. Please have the author of the reference letter e-mail it directly to Heidi Evans, Executive Director of LiveOnNY Foundation, at:


  • Deadline for Submission: Completed application information and corresponding attachments must be received by 5 pm, May 1, 2021. Send Application to Heidi Evans at
    • Subject line must include: Student’s Name and “Marcy’s Gift Scholarship”
  • Video Submission: Video file must be uploaded to the below location and must also be received received by 5 pm, May 1, 2021.