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Governor Cuomo recently signed a law reducing the age at which New Yorkers can register to be organ donors from 18 to 16. Students will now be asked whether they would like to register as an organ donor when they get their driver's licenses and permits. As a result, the NYC Department of Education recognized the importance of developing a lesson plan to help students make an informed decision. The NYC DOE in collaboration with LiveOnNY has created a unit of study which uses organ donation to teach homeostasis for Living Environment. The curriculum uses an engaging topic, infographics, blogs, video, interviews and texts so that students can learn critical testing material, while also gaining information they need to make an informed decision about donation when directly asked.


This set of lessons has been designed to be used in either of two ways:

Distributed throughout the homeostasis unit these lessons can provide a motivating story and connecting thread.

  • Lesson 1 would be used at the beginning of the homeostasis unit
  • Lesson 2 would be used at the beginning of the body systems section
  • Lesson 3 would be used at the end of the immunity section
  • Lesson 4 and 5 would serve as the culminating activities of the whole unit

Used at the end of the homeostasis unit, these lessons can serve as a review of material taught throughout the unit.

  • Lesson 1 through 5 would be taught, in sequence, as the culminating lessons of the whole unit


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