Donor Hero Appreciation Week is a five-day period from October 3-7 filled with activations and social media messaging dedicated to thank the selfless organ donor heroes and their families who gave the ultimate gift so that others may live on.

The week will focus on honoring and thanking organ donor heroes and their families. Additionally, we will be thanking the incredible healthcare workers who help steward these precious gifts. Thank you for all you do to support organ donation and transplantation and LiveOnNY. More lives than ever were saved in 2021 through organ donation thanks to incredible partners like you.

Tools to Amplify

  • Activate the cause

    Leverage communication channels to support organ and tissue donation and thank donors, their families and healthcare workers and partners for their role in saving and changing lives.

    Email and newsletter copy
    Social media, text & blogs
    Gratitude rounds & tabling
    Educational materials

  • Tool kits and resources

    Download the Partner Tool Kit

    Download the Social Media Graphic

    Download Poster

    Download a printable Enrollment Form

    Download the LiveOnNY Fact Sheet

    Download the LiveOnNY Fact Sheet in Spanish

    Download Digital Brochures

  • E-mail us for more info

    Looking for additional information? E-mail us and you will be directed to the appropriate contact for planning and activation.

Nicholas: A Donor Hero
Jaleel: A Donor Hero
Judy: A Donor Hero
Michael: A Donor Hero