Meet Michael


Family always came first for Michael.

He was incredibly close with his parents and three sisters. When he wasn’t spending time with them, he was devoting his time to helping others in any way that he could. In that spirit, Michael joined the Coast Guard and signed up to be a volunteer firefighter. Sadly, in July 2010 tragedy struck and an accident took Michael’s life. He was just 23 years old. But that wasn’t the end of Michael’s story – prior to his passing he had registered as an organ donor. His parents weren’t surprised. After all, Michael had always cared more about others than himself and signing up as an organ donor fit perfectly with his selfless nature. Michael saved five lives through organ donation and his legacy lives on through them. The impact of his donation is not lost on his family and recipients.

“We see the life that my son gave. It brings a joy in our hearts, more than we can ever put in words.” - John, Michael's Father

“He was a firefighter and in the coastguard and his whole purpose in life was to help others. Michael was so loving, and funny and fun and now we know that will live on and why wouldn’t we want to share that with everyone?” - Susan, Michael’s Aunt

“My donor was a true American hero. Today, I dedicate my time to raising awareness and registrations for organ donation and I do it all in Michael’s honor.” - Roxanne, Michael’s heart recipient