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There is nothing more powerful than hearing about life-saving organ and tissue donation, life-improving eye donation, and transplantation from those who’ve personally experienced it.

If you are the family of a deceased donor, a transplant recipient, or a living donor, we invite you to tell the world about your very own personal story!

4 easy steps to submit your personal story about donation or transplantation:

IMPORTANT: Please type in Word (not handwriting).

  1. Save the Word document below to your computer.
  2. Fill out the form and add pages if you need to.
  3. Email the form as a Word attachment to:
  4. If you wish to attach a few photos, please ensure they are in the JPEG format and are no larger than 150 KB.

PERSONAL STORY -- Save this Word document and email it back to us

Conditions of Submission of Personal Stories to LiveOnNY:

By submitting personal stories to LiveOnNY, individuals agree to the following statement:

I agree that by submitting this personal story and photographs (optional), LiveOnNYwill review it and decide whether to use it to help publicize transplantation in general and to promote the need for organ, eye and tissue donors. LiveOnNY will notify me of their decision.

LiveOnNY will not use this story without my written permission. I will be asked to sign a Media Release Form. Once I have signed the form, my story may be used in the media (TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, etc); online (website, social media, etc.), and more generally as part of LiveOnNY's outreach and promotional purposes.