Don’t Keep a Fellow New Yorker Waiting.Become an organ donor today.

REGISTER ONLINE AT MYDMV Must hold a New York State ID PRINT ENROLLMENT FORM For non-New York State ID holders.

Most New Yorkers get it—organ donation saves lives. And, millions have already taken action and registered to be organ donors. But, there
are also many New Yorkers who haven’t taken that important step. Those New Yorkers believe organ donation is good, but haven’t gotten
around to the whole “doing something about it” thing. If you are one of them, we get it.

Organ donation isn’t the first thing you want to think about every day. But, it’s time to take that step. Too many New Yorkers are dying
waiting for an organ. So, click on one of the buttons above, register to become an organ donor, and feel good knowing that you may
someday (not any time soon, of course!) save a life…or eight (one organ donor can save up to eight lives!).