Asking FOXNews + Dr. Marc Siegel…….

Dear Dr. Marc Siegel,

Your current report on the tragic case of rabies transmission is right on target except for the use of 2 words. Marc Siegel’s FOXNews report In 2004 donor families formally requested a change of transplant related terminology from the transplantation community in order to honor their loved ones. The editors of the major transplant journals and other leaders in this field have all collaborated to create this appropriate change. Today, we no longer use the term CADAVER, saying DECEASED DONOR. And we do not use the term HARVEST, instead using PROCURE or RECOVER.

Though not included in this report, we also avoid using any term including the word “life” (such as life support) to a person already declared brain dead, opting instead for mechanical or artificial support.

Please accept this respectful request to update the terminology that you and FOXNews use in referring to organ donors and transplantation as an opportunity to increase your sensitivity to the generosity of the the real heroes and their families. It is easy enough to do and will be deeply meaningful.

Amy L. Friedman M.D., F.A.C.S.

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